• UPVC Specialists

  • UPVC Locksmiths

    We are experts in all uPVC Multi-Point door locking mechanisms and have over 18 years of experience.

    Don't replace your door !! We can repair it, re-align it and get it back working like new quickly and easily. We also carryout lock changes, door handle replacements & uPVC window lock replacements.

    We have specialist tools and years of experience to enable us gain entry to failed uPVC door lock mechanisms without damaging the door. We carry replacement gearbox's onboard for most of the major brands including MilaAvocetGUYale and Maco enabling us to fix the problem there & then, no waiting for parts, no return visit, no hassle & less cost. When window and door companies have problems...they call us !

    With Euro lock snapping becoming a problem, we now carry Yale 1* 'Snap Secure' cylinders onboard and are suppliers of Kaba GeGe 3* 'Anti Snap' cylinders and Avocet ABS cylinders. If you're worried about the security of your doors please call us and we can give you some options for upgrading your locks to TS007 insurance grade.

  • ABS Anti-Snap Cylinders